Third weekend

Saturday, July 15

I am awake quite early, but don't get out of bed until late. Now that I saw the most important sights, I wonder what I feel like doing today.

I take the train to Trastevere and walk through the tunnel to do some window-shopping in that street I went to two weeks ago. Unfortunately for me and luckily for my wallet I don't find anything worth buying.

I doubt between walking to Argentina or going by tram, but when I go around the corner the tram is at the tram stop. So tram it is. I run and just manage to catch it. At Argentina I want to go to Piazza Venetia and from there to the Corso. That's a very long shopping street. I saw lots of bits and pieces of that street these last three weeks, but now I want to walk the full length of it. And then back again on the other side. I also want to look around for one or two souvenirs. And I want to take a look in that Disney store halfway somewhere.

It turns out to be a long walk indeed, and because I stroll (and also because I divert to the Trevifountain) it takes even longer. When I look in an window, I see handbag I like. Must be expensive, almost everything is expensive here. Just to be sure, I check the price. Fourhundred euros. Expensive indeed........


Sunday, July 16

Once again I take the train to Trastevere station, not knowing what I'm going to do. I take the tram to Argentina and walk via the Piazza Venetia to the Corso. Maybe I can walk to Villa Borghese. Maybe not. I sort of liked that relaxing Saturday, I could turn that into a whole weekend of relaxing. And then visit all sights for one last time next weekend (which will be my last).

While window-shopping I walk north along the Corso, stopping for a capuchino and brioche at a McDonalds along the way. While I'm there I also use the toilet. Hm. Obviously my digestion isn't really coping with that pizza I ate last night. That almost looks like diarrhoea. Not exactly what I want. I decide to skip the park and stay near to restaurants and toilets.

Luckily for me, it doesn't fall through, although I do remain very sleepy during the day. I sit in the shade of the Pantheon for a while, watching an actor dresses as an ancient Roman centurion. You can get your picture taken with him for some cash. There's lot of actors like that all over Rome, also at the Spanish steps and the Colosseum.

I sort of stroll through the streets. Now that I gained some sense of direction, I can do that without getting lost, as I did in the beginning. I almost never carry a map anymore. I don't really need it, except when I want to find some specific shortest route to somewhere. I even buy some souvenirs today. I hope they'll like them back home.