Fourth and final weekend

Saturdat, July 22

I get up and after getting dressed I first do some laundry. In these past weeks I enjoyed the debatable pleasure of discovering I'm allergic to the hotel's detergent (which is actually very annoying when I'm trying to sleep) So now I do my own laundry, that I'll get through the dya without any itch.

In the train to Trastevere I think. My last Saturday here. What am I going to do? I decide to try the park again. Last week that wasn't very much of a success. After a capuccino I walk to the entrance of the park. It's lovely. And large. It's a pity I forgot my camera, I could have taken some nice pictures here. Also it's nice and not so hot in the shade of the trees. With all those little fountains around there's also plenty to drink.

When I finally saw enough of the park I walk down a road that turns out to run past the Trinita dei Monti church. I walk down the Spanish Steps and go to the Trevifountain. I'd like to sit there for a while. And maybe throw in a coin. I already did that last week, but maybe more coins will help more. You never know :)


Sunday, July 23

My last free day in Rome. I don't really feel like anything special, so I decide to relax today. I go to the city centre and shop around for a bit. Today I'll check out all souvenir-stores. Until now I skipped them, thinking I would get to that later. Today however there is no later. And also I check out all market stalls. The legal ones that is. They sell everything and anything, it's fun to look around. There are also a lot of illegal sellers here, they sell all kinds of fakes of things like Dolce&Gabbana and Coco Chanel. I don't buy anything there (not that's it's worth buying anyway). They told me that if you get caught, you have to pay fivethousand euros fine. Those illegal sellers are alsways on the run from the police. Like the other day one ran away. I wondered what was wrong, until I saw the police going after them.

Summarized, I don't really do much today. Just one last look at all the things here, thinking I'll probably miss them:)