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Sri Lanka Lanka, Mullaitivu, January 2005 On Monday, January 10, WFP will begin the next phase of dispatching food around the country to feed 750,000 people for 15 days. The first phase, which ended yesterday, Saturday, January 8, successfullly distributed more than 5,000 metric tons of food - utilizing nearly 500 trucks - from Dec. 28 to January 8. Those communities who received the first food dispatches in late December will now begin receiving replacement food stocks to last another 15 days. The massive operation will require WFP to continue increasing it's trucking capacity, open 4 area offices, have more than 50 trucks moving daily and dispatching food throughout the country seven days a week. Temporary warehouses ("Rubhalls") will be critical to making this second phase a success. Much of the food over the past two weeks has been stored in government offices and schools, which is no longer possible. Fortunately, a TNT cargo jet arrived Sunday morning, Jan. 9, in Sri Lanka carrying 7 temporary warehouses (rubhalls) weighing more than 35 tons. The Airbus A300 arrived at 4:10 a.m.and offloaded the tents until 10 a.m. at Colombo's international airport. The tents are scheduled to head to the north, Killinochchi and Mulativu, on Tuesday morning, January 11. The industrial-sized tents, measuring 32 meters (100 feet) by 10 meters (33 feet), will be used to store food and non-food items. The 7 new warehouses will complement 4 temporary warehouses that were received earlier. More than 49,000 people are currently displaced in Killinochchi and more than 21,000 in Mullaitivu. Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka, International Airport Photo: WFP/Jordan Dey 7/1/06 1:42 AM Order
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