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Italy, Brindisi UNHRD December 2003 In the first privately funded and operated airlift in the history of the United Nations World Food Programme, TPG/TNT Airways this weekend transported urgently needed WFP humanitarian supplies destined for Eastern Chad where thousands of Sudanese refugees are sheltering. TNT Airways made available one of its largest aircraft an Airbus 1300 - to fly from the UN Humanitarian Response Depot in Brindisi, Italy, to N?djamena, the capital of Chad, carrying a total of 33 metric tons of urgently-needed goods. The shipment of two Toyota Land Cruisers, 4 mobile storage tents, as well as other office and warehouse equipment, will kick-start WFP?s emergency response in Chad which is coping with an increasing influx of refugees from neighbouring Sudan. The supplies will quickly be transported to WFP?s main logistics base in Abeche, in the eastern part of the country, which is in close proximity to some 50,000 refugees WFP has been feeding since September. Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud 6/30/06 4:21 PM Order
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